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Why Choose Us?

It's hard to know who you can trust when buying anything online - so here are 10 reasons you should choose to shop with us:

1 We're a Real Shop!

Sometimes we take this for granted, but many of our competitors don't have a bricks and mortar business. You are welcome to come and browse and talk to us any time - this is our business, and we care about it.

2 When You Call Us, You Talk to Experts

Our business is run by three partners; Daniel, Dominic and Matthew. We're all experts in the field of beds and mattresses, having worked in the industry for a combined 30 years or so. When you call, the phone is picked up by one of the partners - people who care about helping you get the right bed and mattress, not just the best seller!

3 Our Reputation

The Bed and Mattress Centre has thrived because of its reputation - we look after our customers! We treat all our customers with the attention and courtesy they deserve, whether they arrive at us online or in-store.

4 Our Website

We believe in keeping the online shopping process as simple as possible - and we've built our site with that in mind.

5 Our Prices

We don't like to crow about our prices - but have a look - we are continually checking our prices to make sure that we're as cheap as the competition - even when that competition is the sort of company you really wouldn't want to trust with your order.

We're committed to keeping our prices fair, but occasionally someone steals a march on us. If you see something cheaper elsewhere, let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

6 Free Delivery

Some of our competitors make it appear their prices are low, take all of your information and then at the last minute slap on a delivery charge, in the hopes that you won't look elsewhere. This behaviour irritates us as buyers, so we don't do it to our customers. When we say that delivery is free to mainland England and Wales, it is free. Always. No minimum order value, no messing around. Even if you order a single pillow, we will get it delivered to you for free.

Orders to Scotland (and even Ireland) may be delivered for nothing, but we reserve the right to add a surcharge depending on the item. If you are at all unsure, please call us on 01243 775151 and we will let you know.

7 Safe and Secure

We use a trusted third party payment gateway, Sagepay, to handle all our credit card processing. This service (owned by Sage, one of the giants of the financial world) is 100% secure.

8 We're Open 7 Days

Because we are a 'real' bed and mattress shop, we are open 7 days. No matter what day of the week you call, one of the partners is here to answer your queries. Try ringing one of the other online bed shops on a Sunday!

9 We Don't Make You Register

We don't need your inside leg measurement to take your order and deliver it to you, so we don't ask for it. All we ask for is your address, name, phone number and email address. We don't think you will be ordering from us so frequently that you should have to open an account, so we won't make you do so.

10 Your Information

We won't sell your information on to anyone.

We do send out a request for a review of our service through a third party, but you can opt out of this email at the checkout if you prefer not to be contacted.

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