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Which Mattress is Right for Me?

Sleep is such an important period during. When we sleep well we rest, recharge and regenerate our minds and bodies. The mattress you sleep on will go a long way to determining the quality of your sleep. This guide will assist you in making a suitable choice of mattress.

1 Size Matters!

Having cramped quarters will only lead to a wrestling match if you sleep with a partner. Sleep on the biggest bed your room will accommodate. An enlarged sleeping area will give you freedom of movement - so you can stretch out, get comfortable and adopt your own individual sleeping position without being disurbed by your partner.

It's worth noting that we move about 40 - 60 times a night including full body turns. If you sleep with a partner it's important that both of you are accommodated adequately. Aim to buy at least a king size or super king size if there are two of you.

If you need any help with the various different sized beds and mattresses out there,
try our bed and mattress size guide

Buy the biggest bed & mattress you can accommodate and afford. It is worth the investment!

2 Which Type of Mattress Should I Choose?

There seem to be a very wide range of mattresses available, and it can be overwhelming trying to work out which type is right.

To simplify things a little - mattresses usually have two distinct parts - a base layer which provides support, and a top layer which provides comfort.

Although some mattresses are made from a solid block of one material (such as the some foam and latex mattresses), most mattresses use different materials for each layer.

3 The Base Layer - With Springs or Without?

Some of us have spent our entire lives sleeping on a bed which contains springs, and the 'dead' feeling of a mattress with no springs in it is a strange sensation.

Because of improvements in materials and manufacturing we're now able to produce foam bases which provide an alternative. These can be manufactured more cheaply than pocket spring units, so a cost saving can be made without compromising the comfort of the mattress by using a quality top layer.

If you are buying a mattress at the cheaper end of the scale, a mattress with a solid foam base may give you the best overall package for your money.

4 How Firm Should My Mattress Be?

This is a very personal choice - but our suggestions for deciding which tension you should choose are:

  • If you sleep on your side, you will probably find a softer mattress more comfortable.
  • If you sleep on your back or front, you will probably find a firmer mattress more comfortable.
  • Larger adults will generally need a more supportive (firmer) mattress.
  • Smaller adults and children tend to prefer softer feel mattresses,

We sell more medium-firm mattresses than another tension, because this suits most people.

Softer mattresses are more inviting but you must ensure your back is reasonably straight whilst you are in a sleeping position, otherwise you will experience aches and possible back pain.

Suggestion: Settle for a medium-to-firm mattress.

5 The Top Layer - All About Comfort.

This is the part that really sells the mattress. There are three main options for the top comfort layer of a mattress:

Natural Fillings

Usually a blend of wool and cotton, natural fillings have stood the test of time and remain a very popular choice.

As well as being ecologically sound, natural fibres help to regulate our body temperature by wicking away moisture, keeping you cool during the night.

Memory Foam

A relatively new choice of top layer, memory foam reacts to the heat and pressure of your body, so you sink into it slightly.

This provides excellent pressure relief and means your body is well supported. Some people struggle to adjust because memory foam mattresses tend to feel warmer than sprung mattresses because your body heat doesn't escape in the same way.


Natural latex is a fantastic material. In years gone by it was highly expensive to manufacture.

Modern manufacturing techniques mean that it has come down in price. What makes latex ideal is the open-cell structure. Unlike memory foam which can trap heat, latex allows it to escape more easily.

6 Your Individual Needs

Ideally, you should try out a mattress before making a decision. Our shop is open 7 days a week.

If you can come in and try out some mattresses, you are very welcome to do so. We don't employ pushy sales people, but we are on hand if you need some help or advice.

For simple, honest and impartial advice, come and visit us in Chichester

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