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Best mattress under £400

We are often asked what the best mattress is at a particular price.

We always advise people to lay on a mattress to try it out before buying, and we'd encourage anyone to come in to our shop and test out some options.
We understand that not everybody wants to do that, so we've put this together this guide to help you make the best choice in your price range.
We've been selling mattresses for decades, so you can trust our impartial expert advice.

Though these mattresses represent great value at these prices, if you can push the budget a little higher, try our best mattresses under £500.
Best Mattresses under £500

Best Double Mattress Under £400

Cool Sensations 1400 - 4ft6 Double: £399

by Sleepeezee

 at the Bed and Mattress Centre

Coming in at just under £400, the Sleepeezee Cool Sensations is a fantastic mattress, and has many of the features we expect to see on much more expensive models.

From the hand tufted top, to the air vents and the four rows of side stitching, this mattress feels like it should be much more expensive. Internally, it has 1400 high quality, independent springs - so you don't have your sleep disturbed when your partner moves in the night.

It's made by Sleepeezee, a manufacturer we have trusted for years, and who produce excellent mattresses in the UK.

With a 5 year guarantee, you really can't go wrong with this mattress.


Best King Size Mattress Under £400

Memory Comfort 1000 - 5ft King: £399

by Sleepeezee

 at the Bed and Mattress Centre

The Memory Comfort 1000 is a pillow top mattress. In recent years, pillow tops have made a bit of a resurgance because they are so comfortable - and with a quality base unit, they are able to provide the support we need during the night.

The Memory Comfort 1000 has a 1000 spring count pocket spring unit, which provides excellent support, and an extra deep layer of memory foam in the pillow top.

This mattress feels very comfortable indeed, even though it is of medium firm tension, and it could be the answer if you need a mattress which offers excellent support but still feels luxurious.

Sleepeezee manufacture in the UK and this mattress has a 5 year guarantee.